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Arabic HipHop Documentary

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Arabic hip hop is hip hop music and culture originating in the Arabic-speaking world. It is performed in Arabic, and local Arabic dialects, English, French, Berber languages (Tamazight). Like most artists of the genre, the artists from the Arab world are highly influenced by American hip hop.

Also considered part of Arabic hip hop are emcees of Arab origin in the Arab Diaspora including Europe, North America, and Australia. These emcees are at times well-renowned beyond Arab audiences and are often successful international hip hop acts.

Arabic hip hop is played on radio stations and shown on TV programs, but live hip hop performances only began in the 1990s. Many hip hop groups are still underground because their political views could lead to government censure. Therefore, the Internet has been a major outlet for most groups.

Since most people have been hip-hop fans, we decided to make a film about the gender politics of Arabic hip-hop, the music and the culture that we grew up with, we’ve decided to unleash a revolting documentary about this diversity in the middle east, and the impact it has on the community and the young generation.

The documentary provides thoughtful insight from intelligent, divergent voices including rap artists, industry executives, rap fans and social critics from inside and outside the Arabic hip-hop generation. The film includes interviews with famous rappers from around the Middle East; along with commentary from socialists and religious perspectives, and interviews with Families, friends and -the-street interviews, discussing the spreading culture in the Middle East.

The film also explores such pressing issues as women and violence in rap music in general, and the fashion that most of middleasterns finds it awkward and not acceptable.

Director/ Producer: Osama Zamel

Exc. Producer: Bashar Ayoub

Asst. Producer: Mohannad Jaradat

Asst. Director: Mohd Jaradat

D.O.P: Yazan Al Banna

Camera Man: Loay Najem

Asst. Camera Man: Mohd Al Banna